2018 February Webclass:
Solutions for Mental Health Issues in the Schools

Registration will open in November, 2017 

Featuring: Sarah Knapp, MSW    Instructor

  • Date:    February, 2018

  • Cost:    $600 (Fees, Graduate Credit, Materials)
    $500 for SCECH's (PD Credit Hours)

  • Credit: 3 hours Graduate Credit,
    Spring Arbor University
    or 75 SCECH'S

Want to start your school year on the most positive note and earn 3 hours of graduate credit or 75 SCECH’s at the same time?

 Solutions for Mental Health Issues in the School Setting is based on the School Counseling and School Social Work Treatment Planner written by Sarah Knapp, MSW and Art Jongsma, Ph.D. Eight or more Mental Health Issues commonly experienced by students will be covered in class which will enable educators to understand and work more effectively with students of all ages who are experiencing Mental Health Issues in the school setting.

More Benefits That You'll Need

  • Build Student Responsibility & Self-esteem
  • Enhance your love of teaching
  • Improve your student connections
  • Practical Techniques you can use immediately
  • Elevate Student Performance
  • Improve your skill set & be recognized

Solutions for Mental Health Issues

in the Classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 February Webclass, Solutions for Mental Health Issues in the Classroom 
1. What materials will I need?
You will receive an information packet for the class in the mail which contains the class text: Profiles in Positive Discipline, a handout packet and a Spring Arbor University Registration Form. The handout packet will contain a list of all assignments to be completed on Google docs and all activities that are discussed on the videos.
2. How do I register with SAU for the graduate credit?
Please complete the SAU registration form and email it to Heather Werkema; heather.advantagedisicipine@gmail.com or mail it to Advantage Discipline at PO Box 1008, Ada, MI 49301, no later than February 1.
3. How do I view the online videos?
On February 1 you will receive an email with links to the class videos. Once you receive this email you can begin the class and proceed at your own pace.
4. What if I can’t access the video links? If you do not receive this email on February 1, please contact Heather Werkema immediately, at heather.advantagediscipline@gmail.com and she will work with you to get the links.
5. How many videos are there to watch?
There will be 16 videos for you to view each lasting from one to one and a half hours. They are videos of the Discipline with Positive Outcomes class that Sarah Knapp, MSW presented in real time last summer.
6. How long do I have to view the videos?
The videos will be available online from February 1 - 28.
7. How can I comment or ask questions about the class and the videos?
The website we are using provides a comment section where you can post any of your thoughts as you watch the videos. We will monitor this section daily and respond to your questions. If you have a more detailed comment please e-mail it to Sarah, sarah.advantagediscipline@aol.com and she will respond directly to you.
8. How do I submit my assignments?
The assignments consist of seven written examples implementing the Positive Discipline Strategies discussed on the videos and seven reading reflections that can be submitted using Google Docs. A link to each assignment’s Google Doc will be printed in your book, and in addition the links will be emailed to you on February 1. Please contact Heather Werkema with any questions on Google Docs at heather.advantagediscipline@gmail.com.  
In addition, there is a final assignment which is to write a five to six paragraph response in Google Doc  applying the techniques of positive discipline that are meaningful and helpful in establishing a positive atmosphere in your classroom, educational setting or family. (How do you plan to use the strategies discussed in Discipline with Positive Outcomes in your life?) Describe or predict the outcomes,
Present a role-play to the class during the final session that meets the following criteria: Produce a role-play involving a problem and a resolution using the positive discipline techniques taught in this class. The role-play should be video recorded and uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo for viewing by other class members. You can create your video with other participants from the webclass, your colleagues, students at school, or with family members or friends. Examples of videos done by previous class participants will be part of the video presented in the webclass on the final class module. Please turn in an outline or written summary of your role-play including a title and list of the participants on Google Docs in the final assignment question.  
9. When are the assignments due?
There is a set of 7 activity and reading and a final assignment. Assignments 1-4 are due by February 15. All other assignments are due by March 1. Your assignments can be quite brief and can be completed using examples from your students, family colleagues or acquaintances.   If you have questions at any time during the class please let either Sarah or Heather know via e-mail. We will be happy to offer suggestions and support.  
Thank you for your participation in our webclass. We look forward to talking with you online.                         
Sarah Knapp, Conference Coordinator, Advantage Discipline
Phone: 616-540-3974, Fax: 616-588-6160,
Heather Werkema, Registration, Advantage Discipline
Phone: 616-446-1579,  e-mail: heather.advantagediscipline@gmail.com
PO Box 1008, Ada, MI 49301

For information about any of our classes or professional development opportunities for your department or school contact:

Sarah Knapp 616-540-3974 or sarah.advantagediscipline@aol.com
Heather Werkema 616-446-1579 or heather.advantagediscipline@gmail.com
Or register online at: www.advantagediscipline.com

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